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  • Receive by *
  • Includes electronic notes
  • Delivered by e-mail

Legal opinion PLUS$475

  • Receive by *
  • Includes electronic notes
  • Includes copies of documents
  • Includes case analysis
  • Delivered by e-mail


  • Request information
  • from any Canadian
  • government authority
  • Contact us for details

*Dates above are approximate and are not guaranteed


If you just need to understand the status of your application, this is the best option: for as little as $25 you will receive your GCMS notes file as it is and will be able to read it yourself.

Legal opinion

If you consider re-applying after a refusal, certified Canadian immigration specialist will examine your GCMS notes and provide written advice based on thousands of visa cases and many years of legal experience. For $225 you will receive professional opinion of a specialist for a fraction of cost of an individual consultation in a law office.

Legal opinion PLUS

Everything included in the Legal opinion package, plus copies of documents in your immigration/visa file. The legal opinion letter will be based not only on the GCMS notes, but also on the documents on file.


Choose this if you want us to file a special information request for you. You can request personal records from any Canadian government authority of any level of jurisdiction (federal, provincial or municipal). Some examples of custom requests are:

  • immigration file processed by provincial immigration authorities (such as Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta etc.)
  • border crossing records from Canadian Border Service Agency
  • copies of medical files from CIC medical office
  • information from citizenship file
  • many more – please contact us to inquire